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Primedice Looking for more Staff!

Primedice currently has openings for the following jobs:

— Affiliate Manager

— VIP Hosts

— Indonesian Moderator & Ambassador

— Brazilian Moderator & Ambassador

— Chinese Moderator & Ambassador

— Philippino Moderator & Ambassador

— Spanish Moderator & Ambassador

All these openings have pretty broad requirements and we will be reviewing all applicants. Please send a copy of your CV/Resume to

More in depth detail about the jobs will be supplied upon request.

Primedice Happy Hours Return!

Primedice is bringing back the long awaited and renown happy hours!

During the happy hours Primedice faucet will pay out a lot more than it would normally. This will be up to 30,000 Satoshi’s per claim!

Looking forward to seeing you all take advantage of this fun offer. It’s a great chance to test strategies with a great chance of making some good free BTC along the way!

Primedice no Longer Accepting US & Australian Customers


Effective immediately Primedice will no longer accept deposits from visitors located within certain jurisdictions including the US. While Primedice is neither operated nor based in the USA, we’ve chosen to take proactive measures to mitigate long term risk for our users and service. The legal landscape is quickly shifting and we are choosing to completely block deposits from users located in what we’ve deemed as higher risk jurisdictions.

Primedice does not make use of US currency nor banking and this block is not recognition that bitcoin gambling is illegal. This decision has been solely based off of discussions between Primedice and our legal counsel.

I know this news will disappoint many of you, however we’re strong believers in Bitcoin and are playing defensively to secure our long term position at the top of this rapidly growing industry. We’re confident that every major online casino will accept Bitcoin within the next five years and we’re determined to compete directly with them by continuing to create new disruptive experiences. We’ve been lucky enough to see the transformative power of Bitcoin with regards to gambling from a first hand and perspective are confident this is the right decision moving forward.

Kind regards,

Primedice team

Introducing our Bitcoin Gambling Subreddit

As the Bitcoin gambling community grows we’ve been working on creating a place to discuss the topic. People talking about love gambling and sharing their experiences (Good or bad) as indicated by how active our chat is. But a live chat can only go so far and express so much!

Current gambling forums like the Bitcointalk gambling sub section mainly focus on advertising of websites and feedback regarding them. That’s not always that much fun for users. We want to fill a void and create a place for people to talk about their gambling experiences — Because lets be honest, all punters love to talk about gambling!

We’ve created the community not only to discuss the topic, but to promote Bitcoin gambling as a whole. The forum will not be dedicated to solely Primedice, but all forms of Bitcoin gambling whether a competitor of ours or not. Moderation will not be biased to Primedice in any way so what ever, we’re even thinking of getting some moderators from other top websites.

The Type of Discussion we’re Aiming for

  • Bitcoin gambling videos or images
  • Bitcoin gambling news, articles & regulation
  • Outstanding or fun Bitcoin gambling sites
  • Bitcoin gambling site reviews or scam accusations
  • Big wins or streaks of luck (Or bad luck!)
  • Sportsbook discussion & picks
  • Bitcoin gambling strategies
  • Website suggestions or complaints
  • Referral or affiliate marketing discussion
  • This is only a few examples from the top of my head, but as long as it’s to do with Bitcoin gambling it’s all good!


    Primedice staff and mods will constantly be tipping good content through the amazing Changetip service. We’ve already given out over 3 BTC so far

    So come join the discussion and subscribe! If you don’t have a Reddit account you can make one within seconds!



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      1st March, 2015
    • New Year, New Challenges

      Growth & Maintenance

      In this bitcointalk post. I quickly touched on what we were working on within Primedice as of January 2015.

      In 2014 I failed to achieve the majority of goals I had set for myself and our team in terms of new building experiences and pushing the budding social gambling industry forward. In 2014 we focused the majority of our efforts towards building PD3 and optimizing the site and database to allow it to scale to our current 3.1+ billion bets and tens of thousands of daily users. We succeeded in building the ultimate dice platform and outperforming hundreds of clones and competitors, but did not have time to expand the gaming or even dice for that matter.

      We expected PD3 growth to start plateauing a few weeks after its launch but the site has been consistently breaking traffic, user, and bet records week over week. On top of that, volume is often equal to it’s 10 closest competitors combined (source ) despite not offering investments. This has forced us to shift the majority of our attention towards maintenance and scaling rather than new games.

      Bitcoin D software simply isn’t designed to handle wallets as extensive as PD’s and it’s been a great challenge to build a system for sustainable hundreds of thousands of accounts without turning to 100% custom software which often results in unforeseen issues. The amount of people creating accounts simply to play with faucet funds has greatly added towards the strain on our system. However, thousands of PD users that had only vaguely heard of bitcoin now actively use it. Thus we’ve been cautious about outright removing this feature and will likely replace it with a mini-game to remove the grind aspect of it


      Continuing to fight off hackers and exploiters is something that will absorb most of energy and our resources in 2015. If we had launched Primedice 1 today, we would have immediately lost all our money to exploiters. Creating a 100% secure service is becoming more and more impossible with Bitstamp, Mtgox, Sony and even Cloudflare getting hacked (Fun fact: The person arrested for this specific hack has an account on Primedice, yikes). Security has proven to be the greatest challenge to Bitcoin throughout the past few years, and this isn’t about to change anytime soon.

      Primedice is one of the greatest targets for hackers and exploiters currently, we’ve been taking steps every day towards improving our overall security. We haven’t been free of incidents but there has yet to be a situation where our users were negatively impacted and we will strive to ensure that scenario never occurs. We maintain an extremely low hot-wallet for a business of our size and have been adding more and more safeguards to our system to prevent abuse in 2015. This coupled with a strong white hat hacker program which has paid well over 40 coins in bonuses will hopefully crush or convert would-be black hats this year.

      What’s new for PD in 2015?

      Our goals go beyond simply maintaining our platform and growth, we’ve brought on additional developers to begin working with us on new features and games. We’ve started splitting up the PD team to hold a «hackathon» of sorts, whoever creates the best game will win a reward and have their game fully fleshed out and launched to the public.

      What Primedice is to standard dice games is what I’m personally trying to create for slots and other games of chance. The challenge is creating a social experience that is both highly simplified and entertaining. These days we’re spending a lot of time staring at blank sheets of paper trying to create a truly unique gaming experience, but the ideas are flowing повільно .

      I’m confident that the new games Primedice launches in 2015 will not only become standard within the bitcoin gaming world but will be mimicked in the lagging fiat gaming world within the coming years.

      My 2015 Bitcoin Predictions

      As I this type, Bitstamp has just come back online after getting hacked for

      19,000 bitcoins and bitcoin has just reached a new daily high of $297 on Bitfinex.

      My price prediction for the end of this year is within the $700-1000 range, I’m confident that the heavy VC investments during 2014 companies in such as Chain, Gem, and Blockstream will begin demonstrating their value in 2015. The Winklevoss ETF will also be prove invaluable in providing a to boost bitcoin as investors too confused or afraid of securing their own coins can still invest in the asset.

      However, in early 2013 I stated,

      «I’m pretty skeptical about the continued rise of bitcoins. Obviously it can’t continue to sustain these types of gains but I can see it stabilizing at around $40-50 still due to such high demand.»

      I’d take my predictions with a grain of salt, but this just goes to show how far we’ve come over the past two years.

      Features Coming in the near future to PD:

      • Friend List & Improved social tools
      • Hotkeys
      • Design improvements
      • General optimizations and stability improvements
      • Faucet replaced by a fun mini-game

      Thanks for reading, 2015 should be a big year for Bitcoin and Primedice. I’ve just recently left my day job/obligations which had swallowed most of my time over the past two years. I finally have time to focus on working full time with a very talented team and we’ll be doing our best to bring you awesome experiences and services in 2015.



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        January 9th, 2015 1 note
      • PD3 Design Process

        Many people want to know what goes into making a simple yet well thought out gaming website. When any gambling firm/casino attempts to make a website there are key considerations that are taken into account which directly impact the design and user experience.

        This is one of the world’s most popular gambling sites,

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        We initially went in with this sort of mindset and made a few mockups which included attractive women, and a «vegas» atmosphere.

        We worked with a very talented design firm to produce the following:

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        We were focused on making what is essentially a proven design guaranteed to excite users and get them to roll. A few days later I decided to throw away these ideas and the entire concept of a gambling theme. It became our team’s belief that the USA had driven the gambling boom and after black friday the innovation and progress within the online gambling world had completely stagnated. We wanted to create something new and clean and simple, not one that would make people want to throw their money away pump or their adrenaline. Rather we wanted to create a design that would make users feel comfortable and create an environment of social, fun gambling users where would pay for entertainment rather than for a chance to win big.

        We went back to the drawing board and pushed our design team to create these designs:

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        The more we designed the more I moved towards our Primedice 2 design which is currently present on as of Feb 10th, 2014

        We ended up with a ton of mockups that looked like this:

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Our tentative final тему:

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Bitcoin Gambling &

        Note: Our New logo is visible in that last image

        All in all, not a whole lot changed in terms of design despite spending over 2 months on it when you create something simple and clean that people enjoy there is really no real reason to change it. We strived to just update it and make it a bit smoother which we we feel’ve accomplished. Much of the design can’t be shown in images as it takes the form of JQuery/front-end and we feel that will take this to the next level. All of this is still a work in progress and I guarantee half of this will change by the time we launch given the nature of our team.

        Primedice 3 truly marks the beginning of Gambling 2.0 and we feel we will be setting the bar for all online gambling, not just bitcoin.

        Stay tuned for a blog about the features which make up PD3, expected launch is by the end of January 2014.


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          10th February, 2014 2 notes
        • Future of Gambling and PrimeDice

          Gambling is changing and so is PrimeDice.

          We’re looking to introduce several new games in the near future, we feel they will revolutionize their respective fields. Our vision with them is create an aesthetically pleasing gambling and social environment as we did with PrimeDice 2. I’ve been doing a bit of research into gambling and gamblers and found that people who like to risk their money primarily do it for three reasons:

          1. Money
          2. Social Aspect
          3. Entertainment

          The second two go hand in hand but both are important in their own right. With our new websites we’re trying to stress the social aspects and entertainment rather than simply money. A few games we’re working on include:

          Ideally we’d like to both offer a simple and intuitive game to our users but we’d also like to add in some sociability. To do this we have been toying around with ideas for how a group of visitors can gamble on events together or against each other. For example, this can be applied to roulette as every 30 seconds — 1 minute the wheel could spin and users could have the choice to either bet on red or black collectively.

          A good example of what I like to call «team gambling» done correctly can be seen at Users are able to gamble fake currency on one of two fighters in simulated fighting matches. Their site runs 24/7 and the fights are all live-streamed on twitch and consistently have thousands of viewers. Essentially what they have is something as exciting as sports gambling but with the instant gratification of something like roulette. What I’m looking to do is take an idea like theirs, simplify it and make it provably fair.

          In terms of what we’re doing to continue to support PrimeDice, my main objective is adding in PVP. There are some excellent bitcoin PVP gambling options but none of them are simple or entertaining enough to keep me interested. The main issue with instant PVP gambling is how do you make it both instant and provably fair? This is what I’ve been trying to figure out, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know []. I’ve found that big gamblers as far as bitcoins go prefer to dice as it is the most straight way forward to wager their coins. Thus, we will continue to devote the majority of attention to PD while working on the projects detailed above. Also important for me to quickly note that PrimeDice is currently being ported to French, Russian, Chinese (simplified) and Spanish.

          Thanks for reading,

          Always open to suggestions/comments. Feel free to email me:(



          Bitcoin Gambling &

            August 25th, 2013
          • What is PrimeDice Pro/2

            Many of who you find yourself reading this probably have heard about the new iteration of PrimeDice coming out in a week or so.

            What really sets it apart from our current PrimeDice is the design and functionality. Everything has been designed from the ground up and all the code has been re-written so we can deliver the ultimate gambling experience for our users.

            Notable features available at launch include:

            • Automated Betting
            • Chat
            • Better stat tracking
            • Built in BTC faucet (Free bitcoins)
            • Option to Roll under/Over [ More customization]
            • Improved cookie tracking and security updates

            On top of these features, we have a few big ideas we’re working on implementing over the months after launch. As I’ve mentioned before we’re utilizing a «tick-tock» framework. I can’t share these ideas at this moment but I’m sure you’ll all enjoy them when they are ready!

            We’re going to attempt to launch the new PrimeDice in roughly a week give or take.

            Thanks for reading,


            Bitcoin Gambling &

            Bitcoin Gambling &

            Bitcoin Gambling &

            Bitcoin Gambling &



            Bitcoin Gambling &

              12th August, 2013 1 note
            • My Remarks on PrimeDice Reboot

              My response to a question on what PrimeDice is doing to counter competition and answering what «PrimeDice Pro» is Via Bitcointalk:

              The initial plans for a redesign came to fruition before j-d launched. Quite frankly I wasn’t 100% satisfied with our initial final сайті, it was lacking in many features which should be core to any gambling site. We’ve broken down our upgrades into a «tick-tock» model, new PrimeDice will come out and we will phase out the old PrimeDice as PD1 is not nearly as great in any regard. Within the coming weeks after that we’ll be working in small new features, within a month hopefully an additional big feature. Our aim right now is to complete a small amount of back-end work that needs to be done, put on final touches and test.

              We want to put more emphasis on testing this time around as PD1 was initially mired by major issues which hampered the for our experiences bettors such as the slow roll speeds people experienced on and off for the first few weeks. I want to say that we will launch this within a week, it is easily possible but I want to ensure that it is perfect. That being said it will launch when it meets our standards. We’re also looking to give more back to the community which we had initially intended, there will be a variety of giveaways/competitions for both gamblers and non-gamblers in the coming months. One of the ways we want to do this is by bringing back our btc bonuses through some sort of faucet specific to each account that can’t be abused by bots. Can’t promise that this will be present in the first iteration.

              Going back to your question though, we’re hoping to keep pushing and raise the bar. Dooglus has done an incredible job especially when you take into account that j-d has only been around a bit over a month and the fact that he’s more or less a one man team not counting his investors. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if j-d encouraged SD so to sell unexpectedly, can only speculate there.

              being said That we’re looking to hit the ground running and keep up the pace. The online gambling market, bitcoin or fiat, is a very young industry and the opportunity for individuals to have significant autonomy in defining it will not last and thus we’re going to our work hardest to achieve this. I see bitcoins becoming massive within the coming years and we’re looking to solidify a position as one of the top bitcoin gambling sites before the market becomes saturated.



              Bitcoin Gambling &

                28th July, 2013

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